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Stop picking a floor planner (or architect) by the lowest quote. Get a second opinion and see if your dream home is fit (and even safe) for you.

Ghar Banate Waqt Paisa Lagayein, Bachayein Nahi!

Get Help at Every Stage of Realizing Your Dream!

Every mistake you (or your broker, architect or contractor) make would define how you live every day. Stop making househunting, space planning, and interior design decisions based on a whim (or a video you found on Instagram/Pinterest).

Get a second opinion on and live in a home that you always dreamed of.

Find the Best Property

Explore handpicked residential properties in Udaipur. Get a free virtual tour for every listing in seconds.

No need to sign up, share your info or get on a call.

Get the Perfect Floor Plan

Get a architect-certified floor plan and interior design that suits your style and adhere to industry best practices.

No need to risk your life savings with unprofessional planners.

Minimize Risks & Losses

Get detailed structural plans, floor plans, and drawings that are custom-made based on your requirements.

No need to choose a risky templatized (or copied) plan.

Ghar Banao Bina Sirdardi

Stop Living Someone Else’s Life

Get a drawing based on your preferences and not some foreign videos on Pinterest or local market expertise with Leero.

At Leero, we believe that anyone can buy two, three, four investment properties, but a dream home is built only once. A dream such as building the first home is only fulfilled once in a lifetime. At least, your dream shouldn't be templatized (or copied).

When you're putting your life's earnings/savings in your first home, you should always keep in mind the risks associated in case of unprofessional floor/space planning. We believe in giving you a lifestyle you deserve based on your wishes, desires, and best practices that will enhance the structural integrity and livability of your home.

Aaj ki Choti Bacchat, Kal ka Bada Nuksaan Ban Sakta Hai

Make your Dream Home with Leero Experts

Stop ignoring the obvious design/space planning mistakes that will haunt you for life. Get a second opinion with Leero and protect your dream home (and life savings) in just 3 days.

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